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    Asukoht (linn)*

    * kohustuslik täita

    Alusta täitmist:

    1. Oh sorry! What a sad mistake! - __________ !
    Not at allPleased to meet youYou're welcomeThat's all right

    2. They've been looking for you _________ .
    in all placeseverywhereanywherefor all places

    3. Is it __________ that you will buy a new car?

    4. Father is ________ , he can't go for a walk with you.

    5. When you speak slowly, I _______ you, when you speak quickly, I don't.

    6. It was quite _________ when we got back from the trip.

    7. We must _________ quickly in critical situations.

    8. What time is the first _________ of the film?

    9. Why have you _________ the book so long?

    10. Don't wait for me if you ___________ .
    have speedare in speedhave a hurryare in a hurry

    11. Can he _________ English?
    speaksspeakingspeakto speak

    12. John speaks English, but ________ ?
    does Margaretspeaks MargaretMargaret speaksMargaret does

    13. What time________ lunch?
    does Jack hasJack hasdo Jack hasdoes Jack have

    14. _________ you written the letter to our teacher?

    15. When __________ her homework?
    Ella usually doesdoes Ella do usuallyusually does Elladoes Ella usually do

    16. If you work hard, you _________ your exams well.
    passwill passhave passedpassing

    17. His son is_________ .
    so old as yoursas old as your oneso old as your oneas old as yours

    18. I'm sorry that I had to stop our conversation __________ the telephone.
    for answerfor answeringto answerto answering

    19. He has three children, ________ he?

    20. All the questions of this test should ________ .
    answerto answerbe answeredto be answered

    21. My mother ________ too young to do this work.

    22. He _________ friends in many towns.

    23. Do you need ________ new job?

    24. Janet sat down on________ chair. ________ chair was near the window.

    25. She's much________ her sister.
    taller thatmore tall thantaller thanmore tall that

    26. The building is very high, but _________ windows are small.

    27. He left _________ standing in the street.

    28. I must _________ these sentences into English.
    to translatetranslatetranslatingtranslates

    29. The sentences were too difficult _______ .
    translatinghave translatedtranslateto translate

    30. He ________ a letter to his friend yesterday.
    wrotebesidein front ofnext

    31. Everyone in the office has to be ________ by 8 o'clock.
    in jobat workin workat job

    32. Peter is not at the university now, he ________ in his room.
    readwas readingis readinghas read

    33. He ________ taking his exam just now.

    34. Must we _________ the poem by heart.
    to learnlearninglearnbeing learned

    35. Has Fred got his books now? Yes, my brother ________ yesterday.
    has given them to himgave them to himgave to him themhas given to him them

    36. Where _______ on Sunday?
    do Mike doMike goesMike does godoes Mike go

    37. ________ you read anything by Dickens?

    38. They invited him yesterday, but he_________ .
    didn't yet say that yesdidn't yet say yeshasn't yet said that yeshasn't said yes yet

    39. If I _________ James I _________ happy to give him the present.
    will see - amsee - will besee - amwill see - will be

    40. Is Mary _________ Pam?
    taller thatso tall astalleras tall as

    41. Ask him to go to this shop _________ some food
    in order he buysfor buyingto buyfor to buy

    42. She'd written that before, _________ ?
    didn't shewouldn't shehadn't sheshouldn't she

    43. Your answer _________ to that question is incorrect.

    44. He _________ a bad mistake.

    45. You must _________ before you answer.

    46. The ________ autumn leaves of red and gold lie on the wet ground.

    47. Everybody enjoyed the film __________ me

    48. Have you visited your parents? _________ .
    Not yetNot everAlreadyEver

    49. There is an old apple-tree _________ the house.

    50. He won't be able to lift it __________ we help him.